Bed Styling: 3 Ideas to Arrange Pillows on Your Bed

Posted by Pia Basansky on

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the images of the impeccably styled beds in home decor magazines? Maybe they make you want to give up on making your bed each morning. After all, is it really possible to achieve such perfection every day? Turns out, it is.

Decorating a bedroom, and especially making a bed look beautiful, is seemingly difficult. There are endless options for bedding and so many ways in which you can make your bed. In this blog, we will tackle one such important aspect, which is the pillows. When it comes to arranging pillows on your bed, there aren’t any rules that you need to follow or established color combinations that you need to adhere to. But that also doesn’t mean that you simply slap two sad-looking pillows together and call it a day. Instead, take inspiration from these simple pillow arrangement ideas that are sure to make your bed look great:

1) Sleek and simple

If you are someone who doesn’t like having half your bed covered in pillows, take the simple route with four standard pillows stacked on top of each other. To take this arrangement up a notch, prop up two throw pillows against them. Pick the pillow covers in a color that complements your bedding and the color palette in the rest of the room.

2) Classic

You can create this arrangement using four or six pillows. Instead of laying them horizontally, stack them vertically. This arrangement works well for beds with tall headboards. It also allows you to play with more colors and textures. You can have the two outer pillows match the duvet, add throw pillows in a contrasting color, or choose a palette that stands out in the space.

3) Timeless

Using a mix of standard pillows, lumbar pillows, and square throw pillows, you can achieve a look that is elegant yet cozy. Start by adding two pillows in standard cases and two in standard shams stacked against the headboard. Next, add your lumbar pillow, and finally, place the throw pillow for the finishing touches.

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