Transform Your Living Space with These 4 Simple Throw Pillow Decor Tips

Posted by Pia Basansky on

You may own the most comfortable couches and sofas, but even they could do with a smattering of soft, fluffy throw pillows. While throw pillows may be a seemingly small and insignificant part of a home design process, they, in reality, play a pivotal role in adding style to your home, whether in the living room, bedroom, or patio. In fact, accessorizing with them is one of the easiest ways to inject new colours, textures and patterns into the space. That’s not all. Some pillows, like lumbar pillows, are also great functional additions as they support your back when you sit against them, thus offering an incredibly comfortable experience.

In order to make sure that you get the most out of these home decor essentials, we have made a list of a few tips that will make styling them much easier.

1) Play with different colors

One of the things about throw pillows is that they allow plenty of opportunity to play with colors. A general rule of thumb is to pick three colours, each pulled from other elements in the room, like the wall color, window treatments, bedding or a rug. This will create an exciting look that still feels cohesive and well thought out. But it is also okay to break this rule. For instance, if you like only two colours instead of three, there is nothing wrong with that too.

2) Mix and match different prints and patterns

If you want to enhance the interest in a room and keep the eye engaged, you can always mix and match different prints and patterns. This will add a touch of visual intrigue to even the simplest home designs. You need to, however, make sure that the prints and patterns do not clash but complement one another. Choose a mix of bold and subtle prints that highlight each other’s subtle features.

3) Experiment with sizes and shapes

Another approach to decorating with throw pillows is using pillows in different shapes and sizes. Sure, when you think of using a mix of square throw pillows with rectangular lumbar pillows, it may be hard to imagine how they could work so well together. But therein lies the appeal. A play of proportions in your bedroom or living room can add a whole other layer of smart design to the space.

4) You can mix textures too

It is not necessary for you to have only silk pillows on your sofa or bed. Similar to mixing colours, prints or patterns, you can mix your textures as well. Offset the lightness of the silk with the richness of velvet or its smoothness with linen or wool accents.

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