Colour is the most logical aspect to consider when shopping for throw pillows. If you have complementary and coordinating colours, your room is going to look great.

Have a look at the walls, floors, furniture, rugs, and decor and choose one or two colours that you can either match or complement. 

Say you have a grey sofa. A grey pillow will match and look fine, it's safe. But try complementing the sofa with a splash of colour, like teal, and watch the sofa come alive!

And say you have a rug with some teal in it. Your new teal pillow will coordinate with the rug along with the sofa.

Lastly, say you have a piece of art on your wall that has a green peacock feather in it. If you add a peacock patterned pillow to your sofa, it will coordinate with the sofa, rug, artwork and teal pillow.

And just like that, two throw pillows just tied the entire room together and it looks awesome.