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Creating art is a habit, one that we practice daily or hourly until we get good at it.

- Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception


I hope this blog inspires you and gives a glimpse of what it's like being an entrepreneur this day-and-age, as well, what it's like working closely with family.

I've never written a blog before and would love to make this a daily thing, but since we are a really small company, there is a hundred things to do every day, so i'll try my best!

I think my family and our company tales are funny and interesting enough to let you in on our day-to-day. I really appreciate you being here and hope you enjoy it.

Since I am new to this, you'll have to bare with me. This blog could be: full of grammar mistakes, run-on sentences, too short or too long...who knows! My spelling, however, will be impeccable thanks to spellcheck. Unless you're American; it will probably bug you how us Canadians spell "colour".

And believe me, this blog will talk A LOT about colour, since that's what we do! We bring colour into your home in the form of those soft rectangular things that sit on your furniture you may know as "pillows" or "throw pillows" or "decorative pillows" or "toss pillows" or "cushions".

FYI: we don't carry sleeping pillows yet but our pillows are so soft and comfortable that you will want to take them to bed with you. 

We've been at this crazy business since 2011 where we started in Markham, Ontario. We just moved into our new location, which we love, in the design and decor district of Toronto. 

It was intimidating at first, being amongst some very successful design and decor companies like: Modani Furniture, ELTE Market, Weaver's Art, and Artemano.

However, I think we have found our footing in the few months we've been here. We are starting to feel like we belong since we've had so many wonderful customers come through who love our business concept and our pillows. 

If you haven't seen a thousand pillows in one store before, I highly recommend you come check us out. It's like walking into a candy store; full of colour, texture, friendly people, and good music.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading :) 

- Kyle

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