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Customize Your Comfort - Design Services Include:

Throw Pillows and Cushions

Throw Pillows

Sleep Pillows

Sleep Pillows

Body Pillows

Body Pillows

Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Patio Cushions

Bench and Seat Cushions (Indoor/Outdoor)

Bench and Seat Cushions

Bench and Seat Slip Covers

Bench Slip Covers

Face Masks and Personal Protection Coverings

Quality Handmade COVID-19 Masks

SUNBRELLA® Pillows and Cushions (Indoor/Outdoor)*

*Visit SUNBRELLA® to browse available fabrics and let us know what you want made with which fabric.

Sunbrella® Materials for Indoor and Outdoor

    No minimum order is required, so whether you need one pillow or a dozen, we can certainly help! We have hundreds of trendy high-quality fabrics for you to choose from, or you can supply your own fabric and we will make whatever you need.

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    Custom Pillow Rates With Your Own Fabric

    Custom Pillow Cover with Customer Supplied Fabric
    Includes labour, thread, and hidden zipper.
    Does not include pillow insert.

    Below are our standard sizes of pillows but we can custom make any size you want.
    12 x 22" 17 x 17" 20 x 20" 25 x 25" with Piping (add-on)
    $18.00 $20.00 $24.00 $38.00 $20.00 plus cost of material

    Custom Bench & Seat Foam Cushion Rates

    Custom Bench and Seat Foam Cushion
    Includes in-store fabric, labour, thread, hidden zipper, and medium-dense foam.
    60 x 18 x 3" Bench Cushion 18 x 18 x 3" Seat Cushion Custom Sized Cushion
    $185.00 - $320.00 $85.00 - $125.00 Please contact us for price


    These are guidelines and each custom job will be quoted accordingly. We reserve the right to quote on specialty customer fabrics. We can not sew leather/hide or carpet type fabrics.
    NOTE: THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM ORDERS. A custom product refers to any pillow or cushion custom made that is not in The Pillow Shoppe regular inventory.   


    From sleep pillows to floor cushions and bench covers, at The Pillow Shoppe, we offer a diverse range of custom services. Whether you are looking for custom cushions in Calgary or need custom seat covers in Toronto, we have you covered. We can transform your decor as well as living experience by providing the perfect style that doesn’t just match your taste but also offer lasting performance.

    If you want to revamp the look of a living space, there is nothing easier than changing up the pillows. You can swap out your old pillows for new, custom-made ones to usher in a change in season or to add some vibrant color, texture, and pattern to the room.

    High-Quality Custom Pillow Cases In Canada

    Have you ever had someone come over to your house and comment how they have the same cushions as you do?
    Want to avoid that awkward situation? Get custom seat cushions in Canada at The Pillow Shoppe.

    Switching out your pillows, cushions, and even seat covers (that’s right) is not just an effortless way to give your home that unique touch but also a cost-effective way to update its look. Custom cushions and pillows can instantly enhance the aesthetic and ambiance of any space. They add personality and character, and make the room feel warm and cozy.

    Get Custom Indoor Bench Cushions, Body Pillows, Outdoor Pillows, Seat Slip Covers, And More

    If you need custom-made cushions, sleep pillows, or bench and seat slip covers, get in touch with us at The Pillow Shoppe. We are the go-to destination for custom made cushions in Canada for thousands of homeowners, designers, stagers, and interior decorators. Established in 2011, The Pillow Shoppe has made a name for itself in the industry by providing custom pillows and cushions in an assortment of stunning, unique designs, all made using the highest quality materials. We source our fabrics from all around the world, including those used for our custom indoor cushion covers, offering you a plethora of trendy options to choose from for your custom pillow or cushion. You can also give us your own fabric, and we will craft the pillow(s) in whatever style you desire. All our pillows are cut and sewn in our Toronto studio.

    We offer a standard size for our pillows as well as bench and seat cushions, but if you have any specific size requirements, we can make that happen.

    Get in touch with us to know more about how we can create the perfect pillows and cushions for you.

    Please write in detail in the form below what you are looking to have made with the quantity and time frame, and we will respond with a quote within 24 hours. You can also call or visit us in store during business hours for immediate assistance.

    For custom bench seats, please click this link -> CUSTOM BENCH SEATS