Love my new throw pillow, and the customer service was fantastic. They caught an error in my order: case and insert wouldn't quite work together, emailing me that they fixed the sizes for me. They were so lovely to work with I asked if I could send a compliment to the supervisor. He wrote back...thanking me and saying his supervisor was his mom! So it's a family run business, and I think anyone who needs a throw pillow should support them. Great selection, service, and prices. ~ DAWN L. 

Incredibly responsive customer service. The pillows are perfect and we could not be more thrilled with how they look!

What an amazing pillow buying experience. Don’t waste tome going to any other store, they have every colour, size, and material you want. Top notch service, and great prices.

Fabulous buying experience. Great people and an amazing selection. Happy to support a family business.

I was looking for pillows for my sofa and I gotta say this is the place for pillows. They make it so easy to find that special finish to your couch without the big price. Thank you.

Beyond fantastic! This family run shop was the perfect place to spruce up my home for an open house. I love my pillows so much I decorated my new living room around them. My only problem now is I fall asleep on my sofa because the pillows are so darn comfortable! Everyone who comes over comments on how pretty they are.

Really nice shop. Lots of open space, and lots of pillows! They do custom work and they have this cool service where you can take home pillows to see how they will look in your room or on your couch etc.

I've spent over a year looking for the right pillow to finish off my living room and I found it here! I stopped by on a whim while visiting a friend and I couldn't have lucked out any better. This place has a massive selection of amazing pillows and the staff is wonderful and very helpful. Great job, I'm so happy.

Very beautiful silk pillows and great quality inserts. Pia & Kyle helped me getting my custom pillows on time. I will definitely get back to this shop. Looking forward to visit once you are fully re-open. Waiting to see those lovely silk pillows on display.

Bring couch coverings with you. Amazing selection. Very friendly and knowledgeable help breaking down colour schemes.

Loved this shop! I bought two pillows from here and I am very happy with them. All of the pillows are very unique. The staff was incredibly friendly and they helped me pick out my own fabric for a custom order.

The Pillow Shoppe has an extensive selection of colours and patterns, and excellent service. Very pleased with the outstanding workmanship and high quality fabric of our new pillows.
~ KAR S.

Fantastic pillow shopping experience at The Pillow Shoppe! The whole experience was great. A family run business with top notch service, selection and quality. They were very friendly, flexible, patient, and accommodating to ensure all of our needs were met. We were able to find all the pillows we needed for our new boat: living room (salon), bedroom (stateroom), and our outdoor space (fly bridge). Before we found the Pillow Shoppe it was very frustrating shopping for pillows at other décor stores (Winners, etc…), because there was no service and when we found something we liked there was only one left or there were not any other pillows that coordinated, or the quality was poor. Well don’t waste your time, go directly to The Pillow Shoppe where they have it all… great friendly service with a huge retail space…. tons of pillows… great selection of colours and styles… and they even have home décor items too. I would highly recommend The Pillow Shoppe!

I stumbled upon this shop looking for a present for my friend for her new apartment. Not only did i find the cutest pillow to add to her living room, I was also able to find a little Dr Seuss pillow for her new baby. He plays with it all the time (and it's still intact!). Definitely recommend this place for the service, quality and price.

Exceptional service and beautiful products. Really unparalleled quality and choice, will definitely be back.
~ DAN B.

My wife and I were delighted by the top-notch service we received at this family-owned shop where pillows are king! We had become extremely frustrated looking for pillows here there and everywhere. This shop is a pillow shoppers nirvana. The selection is outstanding and the owners are on hand to personally serve your needs. What a difference from all the other anonymous and frustrating faceless stores in the GTA. Don't worry if you are not sure about what you need, the owner's eye for colours and patterns is impeccable. We LOVE this shop and recommend it 100%.