White Feather & Down Duvet

White Feather & Down Duvet
White Feather & Down Duvet
White Feather & Down Duvet
White Feather & Down Duvet

White Feather & Down Duvet

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About This Product:

This duvet is the only duvet featuring a down and feather mix! The fill is 80% duck feather and 20% duck down. Down is soft, made up of tiny, fluffy clusters. Feathers have more heft - they have a hard quill shaft with soft fibers branching off the quill. The cotton shell is 240 thread count, so it is crisp and durable.

This duvet is medium weight. Down is very insulating per ounce, so down duvets are lightweight (a little bit of fill goes a long way!) Feather doesn't have great insulating properties, so feather duvets are heavier weight (we need more fill to achieve the desired warmth). Because this duvet contains both down and feather, it is lighter than a feather duvet and heavier than a down duvet!

This duvet comes in Regular Weight, which works well for room temperatures around 19 – 21 degrees C or if you’re fairly warm when you sleep.


Box Construction: Boxes to prevent content from shifting
240 Thread Count: Prevents Down / Feather from escaping
100% Cotton: Fine cotton allows the Down / Feather to breathe
Corner Loops: Loops on all 4 corners to tie and anchor the duvet in place
White Duck Feather & Down: Bright white appearance with blend of Feather (80%) and Down (20%) for enhanced loft and warmth
550+ Fill Power Down: Insulates and lofts 550+ cubic inches per ounce of fill
Hypo Allergenic: Anti-Microbial process used to eliminate bacteria
Guaranteed Quality: Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 10 Years
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

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